Today was a good day overall. I am definitely more tired this time around. I found myself sitting down more often than usual. Again, things that never wore me out before make me want to lie down. Thankfully it seems if I do sit down or lie just for a short while I get my energy back and can carry on. Still madding that giving my new boss a tour around the building made me have to sit down, but I’ll take it over feeling sick which I haven’t felt once this whole process so far.

At 5pm Mom and I went for my MRI, which to me is like an old hat now. I told them I had tiny veins and they couldn’t use a butterfly (aka pediatric) needle on me since fluid had to be injected, I hoped for the best but was ready for more than one attempt and bruises. After three attempts, one in each hand (those hurt the worse, only had one there for my port surgery otherwise always in my arm) and one in my arm, they called someone to come access my port. Amazing to me that at the start of this back in February, needles scared me, but even being poked 3 times with no success was not fun but I just rolled with it. It’s my new normal.

I asked why do I have a port if I have to keep getting hooked up through my veins. Apparently, you get special training to access a port. This explains why it’s not automatic that when it comes to an IV nurses don’t use it. So as I waited the specially trained nurse to come, I lost my spot in line for the MRI machine so I lied down for a half hour, which I didn’t mind. Also, accessing my port without my numbing cream – ouch! Hurts way more than trying to thread an IV in a hand. I will never leave home without my cream, ever.

Even though the whole thing took way longer than it should (2 hours, and poor Mom waited in the waiting room the whole time) the nurses were so kind and informative that it made the experience pleasant. They were so sorry about poking me 3 times with no success. They were happy with me that I was getting this MRI because I’m at my half way point. Such a different experience from the first MRI which is so nice to exchange that memory for this one. They said the doctor should see the test first thing in the morning. Not sure if they will call us or we just wait till I meet with the PA on Wednesday before my infusion. We’re hoping for nothing to be “glowing” (bad cancer cells glow on the MRI) on this report and that really we see nothing. That would be so amazing.

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