Hello from the chemo room. Hanging out with my friend Sabrina as I get my infusion. I got out of taking Benadryl again this round. Sabrina commented how much I know this place and know the routine. I do, for better or worse. I see a lot of faces I know and they recognize me. It was such a sweet greeting of past chemo nurses when entering the chemo room today. Getting chemo is such a nice experience, with kind nurses, PA and everyone really I come in contact with. They really do mean “How are you?” and bring comfort to the days I reply with “Not good.” Thankfully that has only been one day. My PA commented now nice it was to see me smiling post second round. I feel pretty much back to normal today, still slight side effects but nothing I can’t live with.

As you can see from the picture, I’m wearing something on my head since my top is pretty bald. Holding onto my ponytails, but even those have few days left. Looking forward to seeing the students tonight at youth group and have a normal couple weeks, physically feeling wise. Emotionally it might be hard if I pull the trigger on shaving my hair.

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