Greetings from the chemo room!

Saw my first nurse, Erica, from my first treatments two weeks ago. She’s so nice and asked how things have been. Nothing against my nurse today, she is nice too, but I asked Erica if she’s working next week for my big chemo treatment she said yes. Makes that day easier to look forward to.

Currently I’m just having one drug, with “no side effects” infused in me. That’s the plan, according to my PA, to feel this good till next week. And after chemo (3 drugs) we have more meds to keep the side effects under control. Still wont be easy but hopefully not as bad as first round. Second round will probably bring my hair out too.

Such a nicer visit this week to the cancer center. Last week when I felt awful it was such a blur. There was a lovely guitarist here today. Mom said he was here last week too. That’s how bad I felt, I don’t remember hearing anything let alone a lovely guitar playing. So nice to feel well enough to enjoy that, even recognize some songs.

The PA is a little behind today, but she’s fantastic so she’s worth the wait. But it does put me behind in getting my infusion. Hope to make it to youth group tonight if I still feel this great after the infusion. Miss seeing the students faces and talking with the volunteers. So here’s to keep feeling awesome!

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