Woke up Thursday morning feeling good, normal besides some dry mouth. Didn’t sleep super great but felt good, none the less. Drinking so much water makes for lots of bathroom trips. Not too bad on the hot flashes because the AC was on high and I had two fans on me. Dad and I went to the cancer center and got my last ever neulasta shot!

see how thrilled I am to get it?

Oh yeah! Dad is here. Timing with a work meeting worked out perfectly he landed in NC my last day of chemo and is spending my last post chemo weekend with us. I was a little worried it be a waste of an extended trip because last post round I was in bed pretty quickly. But so far Ive had way more energy than last time or any rounds really, it’s like my body is saying “Oh these nasty chemo drugs? Yeah I remember these. I know how to handle them.”

After last neulasta shot we went to my usually Thursday morning activity, bingo at Chick Fil A with some students. We didn’t win anything but it was fun to be out and see people. Afterwards we stopped by my old Starbucks to get Dad some coffee while he is here (and some supply for Mom when she comes for surgery). Driving home from Starbucks my energy level I felt going down, so I laid down for a few hours, with a half hour nap thrown in there. After resting I felt tired but more so because I’m used to more solid nights sleep than I had been getting type tired.

We needed to drop off Dads rental car to he airport, so we did. Then fro-yo sounded good and I had a gift card to a place on the other side of town (our town is littered with fro-yos). But the drive was nice, Dad hadn’t really been to that part before. So we took a drive through what I call the country, and found ourselves at the Old Guildford Mill. Dad needed to pick up some hush puppy mix to bring some south back to California. I got some scone mix because I can’t seem to mess up scones thanks to this mix they make. Started to feel my energy fading again, and it was very humid which doesn’t help in keeping my energy up. Got home after being out for a few hours and rested until our dinner plans.

Dad took Jason and I out for a celebration dinner that chemo is over! It was a restaurant we had never been to before. We all decided to go with the special of a four course chef plate. Meaning we told them our dietary restrictions (and boy did I have a lot. Soon those will be lifted) and the chief surprised us with our dishes. All the food was amazing and probably not something I would of picked out (say duck, Id never had duck before and it was nom nom. But a small portion was all I needed. I’m all about some tiny food.) When Dad made the reservations I was worried we’d have to cancel because I wouldn’t be up for it, between lack of appetite and not feeling well. I only had a few hot flashes durning dinner but ate everything up just fine and I could still taste all the wonderful flavors.

Once we were home, it hit me how tired I was, and at 9:30am I was in bed with the lights out and fans on full blast and a happy full tummy.

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