Wasn’t the greatest night sleep, worst this post chemo round thus far. I could never get cool enough, even with the fans, the hot flash won. So it wasn’t till the wee hours of the morning I got a small chunk of time were I was in a deep sleep. Even with more lack of sleep, I feel rather good. Dad made breakfast that I are most of (it was a larger portion than I would of normally eaten anyways) and I took my last steroid ever! Thanks for protecting my heart steroid but I will not miss you and your nasty hot flashes.

the tiny blue one is the steroid. hardest to swallow

Just been resting today, which the first day I’m always okay with a nice lazy day in bed. The feeling of not being hungry has settled in. Food is something that is good once I am eating but I don’t have that feeling that I need to eat. Just notice the clock and its been a while since I have eaten. I have not been eating super well durning chemo, I just felt like any diet is just not something I needed to focus on durning chemo. I am actually looking forward getting back into a healthy cycle of eating better and walking durning radiation. This year I had marked in getting healthy, which I guess I am doing just in a very different way than expected.

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