You’d think by now I would be able to describe what post chemo feels like, but I don’t. Poor Jason when he ask how I’m feeling I don’t how to describe it. Its as if my body has no energy, for no reason (well there is a reason but not like I was actively doing something to deplete my energy). Just an over all feeling of completely worn out from doing nothing. Getting up to see if moving given me some energy does not do the trick. And off and on its hard to focus on things for long. So between tiny half hour naps I get like a 10-15 minute burst of focus then back to a big blah feeling. So I just rest all day long, trying not to feel bad about it. My feet are tingling once again, like they are falling a sleep but not for a long period of time. But, the end of feeling like this ever again is so very near so I’m in good spirits.

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