Today has been pretty good. I feel about a day ahead of my bad days compared to last post-chemo. So encouraging to me to be feeling better pretty much a day a head of schedule. Feeling better doesn’t mean I’m up and about, but my over all feeling is certainly good. Gotten up a few times, but had to sit down pretty much within a minute of being up. I dont feel as tired as yesterday and no naps have happened (I actually was going to take a nap but then we had a huge summer storm that kept that from happening) and still have more energy than yesterday. Or feel like I do, I’m not actually moving. Hot flashes haven’t happened at all today, which is so nice. I’ve been able to engage in conversation more with Jason this post-chemo more than I remember any post-days and that’s been nice. Typically I havent felt good enough or been able to consternate. Jason has been great taking care of me this weekend, I know we both are looking forward to the end of me feeling bad together. Oliver has certainly been soaking in last chemo weekend. Well, he still has post-surgery in a couple of weeks to look forward to. So far I’m not super nervous about that surgery, just dreading the ungodly mom and I will have to get up for it. And we’ll just wait there for at least an hour before I actual go in. I feel worse for Mom though, she would of just gotten in from CA the night before, so if we have to be there at 5:30am that’s 2:30am her time. I get to go right back to sleep, she gets to be the care taker while Jason works. Whew, my mom is awesome.

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