Tomorrow is Port Removal Surgery Day! Last official day with my port. I remember before getting my port I was really nervous, almost scared about getting one. Felt robotic in my mind to have such a thing put into my body. My friend sent me a video of a girl dancing around to Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger” while on her IV pole clearly in a chemo room, to help normalize the idea of a port. Jason’s coworker who is also undergoing cancer treatment told him she loved her port. Felt strange to love such a thing.

Once my port was in, I could not stop singing it’s praises. After just a few treatments I saw women who didn’t have ports in the chemo room and I would think “they SO should get a port so they don’t have to have their arm poked so much.” I thought I’d be embarrassed by my port, planning on wearing scarves or clothes that covered it. But that was not the case at all. Even lately I have been sporting tops that shows my port. Not that I am going to miss it once the port is gone, just have gotten used to it over this past year. The feeling of it under my skin when I touch it’s bump will no longer be there. Just a straight scar line, reminder of this year of treatment and how helpful the port was to me.

My surgery is at 2pm. I arrive for prep-op at 12:45 and can’t eat anything after 3am. Not even water, so pray that doesn’t get to me too much because I love food and not the kindest when I am really hungry. Pray for Jason as he takes me, for his nervous as I’m in surgery (which the actual surgery is only about 20 minutes). I’m a little nervous because this is the first surgery were I wont go completely under, just doing local. I’ve been told I won’t remember anything with what they plan to give me, but I’m worried I will. Thank you for your love and prayers. Cheers to no more port!

This is Watts and me, comparing ports. He just finished his last in hospital treatment for his cancer. But he has a high fever so he’s back in the hospital until it goes down. I’m sure it’s disheartening to be back so soon after saying good bye to over night stays at the hospital. Please keep Watts and his family in your prayers that his fever goes down and they can return home once again!

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