Friday was my last regular appointment at the cancer center. I took in the scenes around me while waiting this last time:

Lots of bald folks here today. These are people. Kinder spirits. Pray for this hard time, that is temporary, but it’s a constant reminder that they are really truly sick.

Waiting to get my vitals taken, a clearly newly dignioised lady was called back. 7 family members came with her. Love seeing that kind of support but chuckle a bit at the sheer number of people.

Two gentleman walking around the waiting room passing our drinks and snacks. Many people do small things like this here, which has always been so huge to me. Little kindness goes a long way.

When they took my blood, they my arm stuck instead of my usual finger. Did you know when they take blood from your finger or arm (or port) they only test for certain things? One of the many things I learned through process. Plus, your blood is a dark red when taken from my port.

The PA tells me that my next appointment is in October. She comments on how quickly I’m getting my port out, “You wasted no time, love it.”

As I walk out of my last regular appointment, I don’t look back on the place I’ve been coming to daily then weekly then every 3 weeks. With a bit of a bounce in my step, thank Jesus for such a place, but so glad to be having it behind me for a while.

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