Well, I certainly meant to post this update much sooner than now, but I had my last treatment this past Friday April 4th! It was a very good day indeed, as I said good-bye to the chemo room and rang the bell for the third and last time.

(I really dont know what to do after ringing the bell and everyone is LOOKING AT ME. Its very sweet and I love that ringing a bell is a thing, but man I dont like the attention and it clearly is shown here.)
(First treatment April 5th 2013 and Last treatment April 4th 2014)

My sweet friend Hannah (mother to Watts) came with me and I showed her around my cancer center. She was interested in watching the nurse access my port. Love when any of my friends come with my to treatment, but its a bonus when they are interested in the medical side of things with me. We meet with my oncologist, where I was informed I have a follow up appointment to this treatment in three weeks with her PA. I thought I would not be coming back to the cancer center till 6 months from now so that was a bit disappointing. Reason for the appointment was to makes sure all my counts are good from Herceptin, as they have done every three weeks so I should of known. In 6 months my oncologist says I’d get a mammogram, which I have had two of them before and they always have to do other testing because my breast tissue is too dense (cause Im young as are my breast ;)). I guess if they cant get a good test from that, I’ll have to do other test (MRI maybe?). I also got my port removal surgery on the calendar – May 1st! After that day, I really feel like all this cancer stuff will be officially behind us.

Part of the reason I have been lacking on the updates is because this is a busy time of year for youth ministry and I just love being a part of it all (especially since I missed so much of this time last year). This includes our Spring Break mission trip to Jamaica that we are leaving for this Saturday morning. A few weeks ago I got fitted for a sleeve for my arm (that is still tingling). The sleeve is to help prevent lymphedema and I am to wear it when traveling on an airplane and doing anything repeatedly with that arm. Also I’ll still have my port in, and that is completely exposed when wearing my bathing suit, which doesnt really bother me, more funny than anything. Plus I will have to alert TSA that I have a port, which is a new experience. Hopefully that doesnt slow the screening process down at all! Also, my radiation oncologist told me to make sure to put a high SPF sunscreen where I was radiated otherwise a square will appear. She shouldnt of told me that cause I kinda dont want to put sunscreen on so I can see this square! So we shall see what happens in Jamaica. 🙂

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