A lot happened in 2013 to say the least. On the other side of most of it, it feels like it was a long time ago and yet its not even been a year. I wanted a place to record all the big days that happened this year in my cancer journey.

February 12th: Found the lump
February 14th: Went to my doctor to have it checked out
February 21st: First mammogram and ultra sound
March 7th: First biopsy
March 8th: Diagnosis day
March 12th: First MRI
March 13th: Meet with my surgeon for the first time
March 14th: Meet with my oncologist for the first time
March 20th: Second opinion at Duke
March 21st: Port surgery
March 25th: First echo and genetic testing
March 26th: First Pet-scan
April 5th: First chemo treatment
April 6th: First Neulasta Injection
April 19th: Started to notice my hair falling out
May 4th: Shaved my head
May 15th: Halfway through chemo!
May 29th: First signs of nails changing
June 5th: My foot starts is swelling spell
July 17th: Last chemo!
August 3rd: Terrible looking nails, they break off shortly after
August 5th: surgery: lumpectomy
September 9th: First radiation
September 14th: First hair growth update
October 5th: Women’s Only 5k
October 25th: Last radiation!

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