Not sure when it happened, but Ive become a fan of NPR the more and more I listen. Its really the stories that they do that I’d never hear otherwise that make me love it so much. One of my college kids recently called me ‘Grandma’ for listening to NPR. If listening to NPR makes me old then so be it. I’d probably say my most favorite program is “The Story” which more than half the time Im listening to it has me sitting in my car in my drive way or in the parking lot in front of work to finish it.

Today was one of those days were I sat in the church parking lot, listening to end of “The Story” where the host Dick Gordon was talking to a young man who had found a role of film right after this past year’s New York blizzard. He developed it and wanted to find the owner of the photos so he made this video:

Neat idea right? What he said on the radio program was that the video got big all of sudden then 4 days later is wasn’t big anymore. He tried for two months to try and find these people in the photos. He almost gave up when he got an email connecting him to a girl who claimed them as her. She was in France. This guy and his girlfriend where saving up for a summer trip to Europe. They decided to take the trip 5 months early to hand deliver these negatives to this girl.

The main goal of this guy wasn’t just returning the film, it was about living an adventure. To be more adventurous with his life. I like that. Along with finding a creative way to live that out, he also found friends, community in the an unconventional way. How neat the internet can be.

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