In the stack of mail I saw an envelope from Southwest airlines. At first I thought it was just junk mail, to get their credit card to earn free miles. I didn’t open it right away and thankfully didn’t toss it. I waited till the next day to open to find a nice personal letter from Southwest thanking me for my thank you note I wrote last month. Jason and I really like to fly Southwest. They were the only airline we took when dating long distance for all those years (thank you $99 deals! Please come back now). We’ve always enjoyed flying with them and try to as often as we can (even though the closest airport Southwest doesn’t fly into). I never expected Southwest to write back to me though. I appreciate that there is someone who has to job of writing to customers and making sure the employees who served us on our flight got reconnection (they even copied the memo they sent to them with my letter attached). That is a position I think every smart company should pay someone to do. I know that working with the public can be very draining at times. Let alone 10,000 feet in the air. Im sure they get way more complaints then compliments, which is part of the reason for the 2011 project. So Im glad the letter got to the right people and hope it brightens their very long day. And of course, this makes me like Southwest all the more.

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