Maybe its because cooler weather has started to settle in (not so much this week but it has been fall-like weather around here) but I started to notice something in the radiation department downstairs I didnt notice before. When I go downstairs, after Im in my fancy gown, I sit and wait in my dressing room with the door open. Ive now gotten used to my earlier mornings, so Im a little more alert than I have been in the past, so maybe this is why Im just noticing this. A man comes out of the radiation room, which means he’s the appointment right before me. This past week I noticed he had a long sleeve shirt on, which in my mind, I wondered why. When I walked by the other open door dressing rooms, there was pants lying there. It suddenly clicked in my mind. While most of the women who I see downstairs getting radiation have no tops on, men have no pants on. Then it all came together, if I have the side effects of a sun burn up top, well then men have that same risk in their lower reign. All of the radiation therapist I have seen have been women too. I mentioned my revelation to the radiation therapist, who gave me a very knowing “yeah” and told me a story about an older women who also realized this and said to a man “Where are your pants, no pants?” They felt terrible for that man to be called out like that, even though apparently she complimented how nice his legs where. Rest of his treatment he was known as “no pants”. So, men who have to get radiation, you win. And I am so very sorry you have to go through that.

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