Theres been a few questions about the port, what it is, what it does. I’ll explain as much as I know about mine. From what Ive seen and read, ports can be a little different so heres what kind I have: a Power Port:



The port is put in for when I get chemo. Instead of having to hook up an IV to my tiny baby veins in my arms (one which is still bruised from one of the 3 attempts for my MRI, almost two weeks ago) each time I get chemo, they’ll use the port. My friend described it well:

“it as looks like a bouncy ball cut in half with a metal rim around it (when it’s not in a body). Basically the bouncy ball part acts as a reservoir – they put it just under the skin and then a little IV tubing comes off the back and is inserted into the larger veins around your collar bone. They thread the tubing all the way to the giant vein just above your heart. This way they have a giant target to hit (the bouncy ball reservoir) with a small needle just has to go through your skin, and it puts the chemo very safely into a huge vein. You can even put numbing cream on the skin over the port so it’s barely painful at all when they put the needle in. It’s a pain but it’s better than some of the other semi-permanent IV choices – with this when it’s not “accessed” (no needle sticking in) you can shower, go swimming, etc.”

At the start of all this, having blood drawn is what I feared most about going to the doctors yearly. Now I have been stuck so many times it barely even bothers me. Even on Thursday morning, I had to get the IV through my hand, for the first time ever, it wasnt too bad. But to be fair, she did numb the area first. But she told me it would fee like a bee sting, being I have never been stung by a bee, I didnt know what scale of pain I was expecting.


All that to say, I must rather have a port put in (especially with surgery gone so well) for a painless as possible chemo treatment. When I found out about the cream you put on before you come to chemo so its numb when the needle is placed into the port, this whole chemo this was starting to be less and less scary. I havent seen my bump of the port yet, currently it still looks like this:


Tomorrow the bandage gets to come off and I will see how different that area may look with a port installed. There will be bruising there for a while, but hopefully when I peal away the bandage it wont be too hard to take in. Thanks again for everyone who been checking in on my after my port surgery. Next up this week: Echo (to make sure my heart is good), Genetic Testing (to see if I have the cancer gene, which if I do will make us have some hard decisions to make), a PET scan (to make sure the caner hasn’t spread anywhere else) and a meeting with our oncologist’s PA to go over test results and get ready for chemo. So, another long week filled with doctors appointments.

How to pray:
-Pray the Echo and Pet scans go smoothly and pain free.
-Pray that I dont have the cancer gene
-Pray that if I do, we can take in that news and not be completely overwhelmed once more.
-Pray for my port to keep healing quickly.

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Thank you for sharing this with us. I hope all is well once the bandage is off and that the doctors are pleased with it. Looks like it will be perfect for treatments and to save your tiny veins from any further bruising.
Praying, We love you.

March 24, 2013 4:33 pm

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