Still doing really well, I’m not sore at all like I was just a little the first couple of days post surgery. This is probably largely thanks to the nursing bra I got for post surgery. That’s right, I now own a nursing bra. A lot of people suggested getting a sports bra for post surgery because I’d be sore and need a more comfy bra. But I have never really found a sports bras to be comfy, and I’m glad I went the nursing bra route because the amount of swelling I have, I wold of been very uncomfortable. I think they say a sports bra to help you keep from moving from to prevent from being sore but I would think you’d need one two sizes bigger than normal because of swelling. So needless to say, if you know of anyone who’s getting a lumpectomy, I highly recommend a nursing bra.

This is the first day I’m back to my normal bra with still some swelling but not as much as these past few days. Mom has been good about making sure I was icing my incisions to help the swelling but were not sure how much it has really helped. On Wednesday when I was allowed to take my first shower post surgery we took the taped down bandages off. The incisions were not in the spots I thought they would be, in a good way. My lymph node incision is a lot lower, I thought it would be more in my arm pit. And my lumpectomy incision is more to the side were I thought it would be under my breast. They are about two inches each, which is a little larger than Jason and Mom thought they would be. Thankfully, just like my port stitches, my surgeon used thread that will dissolve on their own. Well have a follow up appointment with him on the 23rd.

A new after-math of the surgery that I did not expect, is that I have a rash. At first it was just in a couple of spots on my stomach and the more it itched the more it showed up in the shape of tape. So clearly my skin does not get along with the medical tape (I have learned to ask for paper tape next time). However, yesterday this rash turned more into a speckled rash on my left side (side I had surgery on) so I’m loaded up with Benadryl cream that has helped. I also took a Benadryl last night before bed and I haven’t been as itchy today which is nice.

It’s still surprising how easy this recovery has been. I felt pretty much back to normal the day after surgery. I really wasn’t sore at all like I expected, keeping my full range of motion pretty much from the start. Swelling isn’t surprising and hasn’t been uncomfortable at all. Rash was unexpected but my body has reacted to other medical plastic when I get my port accessed. I’ve been told one can build a allergic reaction over time using the stuff too much. So when asked if I have an allegories I may have something now. I can hope that with bouncing pretty quickly back post surgery me as my body is healing faster than expected (some chemo is still in my system and chemo drugs slow healing down a bit) and maybe radiation can start sooner. Only reason I want it to start radiation sooner is because sooner I start the sooner it will be done. I may just be wishfully thinking that though.

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