It looks like my nails will be falling off after all. Last weekend I noticed my nails raising up from the nail-bed which honestly my nails kinda do anyways when they grow long. But when I started seeing my actual nail-bed I knew it wasn’t good news. Showed a few friends my nasty nails when asked how things were going. Many of my friends I have learned have lost toe nails and they said that’s what their nails did before falling off. They told me not to worry it doesn’t hurt when it falls off. My nails were a bit long when I first noticed them disattaching from the nail-bed so I cut them shorter to make sure they didn’t get caught on something (’cause ouch!). Even short, I have caught them on things and oh does it hurt. I’m to the point with my nails, I just want them to fall off if that’s what they’re going to do because its painful. Which ask me two weeks ago and I perfectly fine with my discolored, sore nails. So interesting to watch them though, apparently they are raised up because there is new nail growth underneath. I’ve learned a lot these past few months about how our bodies repair itself and its amazing to me.

Nail timeline:
First signs of discolored nails: May 29th
Getting darker (told they shouldn’t fall off): June 5th
Darker, black spots: June 14th
Really nasty looking: July 26th

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