I know the cancer center here sees a lot of people. It isn’t just me, so I have no problem to call them more than once and more than one person to get what I need! And they are always so nice and would be acting the same way if they were me (or so they tell me). All that to say, thankfully we do not have to wait till next week for chemo! I go in tomorrow for my first chemo treatment tomorrow morning. Blood work at 8:45am (so if my white blood cell count is too low from being sick well know for sure before chemo) and chemo at 9:15am

As far as we are all are feeling. Mom ad Dad are back to normal, which Mom needed to be cleared for 24 hours which she has been, so she can come with me like planned. Hooray. Jason stayed home from work today, he’s pretty worn so please keep him in your prayers. And pray for my white blood cell count to be good to go for chemo in the morning. If its too low we will have to reschedule (again!). Pray we all good very restful nights sleep tonight for us all. Thank you all who have checked in with me today. Tomorrow my friend gave me a good mantra to take to chemo:

“We like to refer to chemo as “stomping out cancer.” It’s a bit figurative but we like the violence of it…(Like you might stomp out a fire). Battling indicates that cancer has a chance. When you stomp you categorically kick ass.”

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