It’s a strange thing, planning around being sick. Usually when you get sick, you don’t know when it’s happening, it just does. Having the date marked on my calendar when I will start feeling out of it, such a strange new normal. These past few days have been packed with things to do and people to see. Get as much in before chemo week. This round, I won’t even attempt to do anything outside of the house, as to not repeat the strawberry picking innocent. As someone who likes being around people, this is hard for me. Even being at home, I know simple things will make me really tired. Funny, how it took to round 4 for me to resign to the fact I can not do things, even things that normally are easy. Only took me 12 weeks to come to grips with my new reality, clearly Im not stubborn.

Another new side effect that’s new this past week or so is my legs feel sore when I walk, like I had a really good work out. And I have not been working out. I’m a little discourage the rest of my hair on my head has not fallen out. On the upside on the hair end, I haven’t had to save my legs – just in time for summer. I didn’t meet with my PA last week so of course thats when my nails turn color and sore and my legs went sore. Hopefully she can give me some hope and tips to carry the rest of this chemo time out. I’m hoping at least no more suprise side effects come along in that period of time.

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