Now that chemo is done, next up on the cancer to-do list: surgery! I will be getting a lumpectomy because my tumor is gone (thank you chemo and Jesus), which was the whole point of chemo first for my cancer. To shrink it was the goal, so for it to be gone is even better in preserving my breast. If the tumor had not shrink at all, it would have been more likely to been a mastectomy due to the tumor’s size (not much of the breast left to preserve). Lumpectomy in my case means they will go in and get a clean margin where the tumor used to be.

Monday at 7:30am my day will begin by going to the breast center where I had my first mammogram, ultrasound and last time I was there, my diagnoses. They were also the place who did my biopsy, which when they took the sample, they put a clip in the middle of at the mass. So, I will go there, get a needle put in as a guide for my surgeon, that will, stick out of breast. Now, I had a lot of questions with that statement, so Im sure you do too. From what I understand from asking, is that the hospital where my surgery is taking place isnt set up to do that (why I didn’t ask). And the needle wont be like poking out, it will be taped down and very small. Its still strange to me I have to go to one place to get the needle guide placed, then go, thankfully just across the street, to the hospital where my surgery will be taking place.

After having my needle guide placed, I will go to the hospital where my surgery will be at 10am. From when I had my port surgery, so much time between the two appointments is a little prep and a lot of waiting. The surgery will be close to an hour. They are also removing a few lymph nodes from under my left armpit. Even though none of these lymph nodes lite up on my pen scan to have had been affected with cancer cells, if they don’t get tested, I would have to radiated them just as if they did have cancer cells. So, it’s a making sure procedure and Id rather, while Im put under anyways, have that done than do more radiation than necessary.

Whats kinda amazing (I have learned so much how amazing our bodies are during this whole journey) about my lumpectomy is that I wont have to have reconstructive surgery. My breast on its own, will fill in the hole that will be there from getting a clean margin. First it will fill with fluid, that will turn into scar tissue and heal all on its own. Amazing right? Its more than likely I will not have to get a drain, but sometimes they don’t know till they are in doing the surgery. It’s a question I have for my surgeon the morning of surgery when I see him (hopefully this time I wont be an emotional mess like I was for my port surgery to be able to ask him questions). For those who don’t know what a drain is, its just what it sounds like, and its put in because of the excess fluid that will appear in the area where the tumor used to be. Its really gross to be perfectly honest and I really hope I do not have to have a drain.

I’ll get to go home that day and my recovery should just be a week if there are no complications. Please pray that I keep this peace and calmness I have. I am not at all nervous about the surgery at this point and pretty busy leading up to it. Its strange to feel so at peace about it, but between the prayers I know have been prayed on my behalf and just having the general attitude of, well, I have to do this, so theres no point in worrying over it, Im doing okay emotionally. Also pray that the pathology report (they will test the margin they take out) comes back clear with no signs of cancer cells. If they do find cancer cells I will either have to get more chemo (noooooo!) or have another surgery to get a bigger clean margin. I do not want to either of those things, so pray the chemo really did its job. The pathology report results should be given to us by the end of the week (which is, besides the genetic testing, the longest we’ve had to wait on results of a test). Hopefully recovery wont be too bad and I’ll be able to spend some good low-key time with my Mom while she is here. Thank you all for your warm thoughts and prayers, I could not be in such a good place with the love of such a community as you.

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Darling Precious.
Truly I am amazed and proud of your accomplishments. You are my “hero”!

Jesus sits at the right hand of Our Father God inteceeding for you. Perfect peace is yours as you believe “All things are possible with Almighty God”

I thank God for your blessed friends that hold you close and your Mother will be there to hold you even closer.

much love with prayer

August 2, 2013 8:53 pm

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