Maybe it’s the dark, dreary weather this morning, but I woke up extra tired and officially hit my feeling of, I am tired of going to radiation. It’s the simple act of getting myself out the door an hour earlier than I normally would (which is probably even late to some). My days just feel longer and as nice and kind as the folks at the cancer center are, it’s not what I’d like to be spending my time doing first thing in the morning. I guess that’s why balancing the rest of my days doing something I love helps counter act the feeling of feeling tired. This morning as I was brushing my teeth, I recognized that very familiar number on my phone, it was the cancer center. I already knew when it was a real person on the other end and not an automatic reminder of my appointment, that my morning had just changed. The machine I get treatment on is down, there would be no need to come in today. While you’d think Id be happy with this news, after all I am tired, I could go back to sleep (I can’t, but I do plan on adding “nap” on my to do list today), it actually means my end date is one day later. Which you know, a day, I’d get over it but I’m going to a conference (that I’ve been really excited about going to and celebrating end of radiation with my team) with my job on that new end date. I share this with them, in my early morning voice. She quickly and sweetly says she’ll talk to my doctor and see what they can do then. Thankful for her response and pray for an answer that still has me ending on October 23rd.

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