After returning Sunday from TN with the students, my community group was spending time at a pool together. I always look forward to being with this group of people, and I wasnt wiped out from the trip, Jace and I went to hang out. I already think highly of these people, but I love how comfortable I feel around them. Being that were at a pool, and its a nice hot summer day, I want to go swimming (with my special no chemical and high SPF sunscreen lathered) I cant wear a scarf. This is not the first time I had bald head exposed and port very visible with these friends. They only make kind comments about how nice my head is and how they are used to me with this look now. I know from the start I would think way more about my lack of hair than others, but I know not everyone has an amazing group of people who they’d feel comfortable enough to go bald with. Im thankful I have such a loving group of people in my life.

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I forgot to mention before you left for Project Serve last week how brave I thought you were to “go bald” at the Lindley Public Pool. I was telling Ryan how that must have taken a lot of courage! I know it wasn’t easy when the little kids didn’t know what to think. You go girl!

June 25, 2013 1:30 pm

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