Today. Toady is a good day. Its June 17th, which means we are only a month away from July 17th, which is my last chemo treatment day (if everything stays according to plan – say my white cell count is too low and I cant get treated, then we’d have to push everything back a week. Lets pray this doesn’t happen). THE END IS NEAR. Well, for chemo at least, but man, just for chemo to be over would be a huge thing for me. I hear the side effects to radiation are not nearly as bad. But considering other blogs I have read and stories Ive heard from others who have friends going through chemo, I have done pretty well. While being really tired, worn out easy, not the happiest bowels and hot flashes are not fun, I will take them any day to throwing up. I have not once felt nausea from the chemo let alone getting sick. So today is a happy day for me.

Dry mouth was pretty tame the week of chemo, which I thought maybe my mouth had gotten used to the chemo drugs and didnt need to react as much at this point. These past five days have been the worse dry mouth yet. And when I saw dry mouth, thats just what its call, my mouth isnt actually dry. My teeth are sticking to the back of my lip. Feels I can never get my mouth feeling cleaning no matter how much I brush. Soft foods are more of what I want to eat, because my mouth on the inside feels torn up. So food with any real texture or crunchiness is hard to eat. Today is the first day it feels like its starting to leave which is a nice relief. It will probably be completely gone just in time again for round 5 of chemo.

Today I have the most energy since two Fridays ago. My legs and arms get really tired easy, as if I worked them out (oh but I so didnt), still but that I can manage by just taking breaks if Im doing things around the house. I have thought about actually working out, nothing crazy, just like a walk, but I dont want to feel any sort of tired if I can help it. So I am very torn to what to do. Save my energy for fighting off these nasty drugs that are killing the cancer seems more of the way to go. And there is nothing I can do to make my white cell count go up or down come Wednesday when I find out if I am joining the students this weekend or not. But I pretend that resting doest help my body fight, so thats what were all going to believe, okay?

I have been scolded by many of you after last Mondays post about trying to go to work and almost passing out at the bagel shop. I know. I should of listened to my body when I needed to rest before going out the door. Trust me, I have learned my lesson. I have been good about listening to my body this past week to avoid such a thing happening again. You just have to understand that I didnt think I was pushing myself. I felt good after 3 days in bed. Now, feeling how I do today, of course I didnt feel really that well looking back. Its just when you think you have a little bit of energy after having none, your mind plays tricks on you so it seems. But I am paying close attention – I want to finish this strong and on time, so listening to my body I will.

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Alisa – I’m praying your white cell counts are REALLY good this week. Hugs to you dear one.

June 18, 2013 1:01 pm

Hooray and Hallelujah that you will heed the God given signals of your body to slow down and rest. We eagerly wait with you for a full recovery. Thank you, Father, for the good white blood countl report.

June 20, 2013 1:38 pm

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