Sunday evening Jason’s band got together for a sweet time for a band mate who is no longer able to be apart of the band. She was their violinist, and over the past year her physical condition that allows her to play the violin has become painful. The violin is her passion, so to hear that someone with such a great gift having their gift being taken away of course makes your heart sink. I am merely an onlooker to the band, and especially on Sunday night, but it was such a perfect example of what community is really about. Their bandmate is going through a really hard time and while the band is moving forward without her, they are not leaving her behind. They took time out of their crazy schedules to get together and affirm her. They shared what she has meant to them over the years as more than just a bandmate, but a teacher, a mother and a friend. They gave her words to help her walk through these next steps of her life, which wont included the violin so much. And how they believe God will use this super hard time to reward her for all her years of pouring into other people’s lives. To sit back and watch her garden grow, they said.

As I sat there and listened to these wonderful people pour into this sweet women, all my questions of faith as of lately disappeared for the moment. This women has never been one to look at the world with the lens that I often wear of cynic. Im sure she doesn’t even seem that something has been taken away from her like I do. As the band prayed over her with such sweet and encouraging words I prayed for faith like that. I thanked God for this community of people that Jason has found himself in. Its hard to properly put in words when you’ve spent the evening with good people, but that’s what Sunday evening was. Good people in one room to do good by honoring their bandmate and unknowingly showing me what true community is all about.

“Look what Hes done. Look what Hes done. Look what Hes done for us.” -Songs of Water


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