Last year I was apart of a book club. Well, if you could call it that, it was 4 other close friends of mine getting together over coffee or food to discuss Food and Faith. It was wonderful time discuss more than just the connection of faith to food. There was a chapter about local food, to which lead me to learn more about a local farm I had heard about for years that sold goat cheese. Then this past Spring this same group of women got together for a dinner out and this same farm was offering a free wine and goat cheese sampling where we learned about dinners they served at their farm. We all thought it sounded so good we signed ourselves up. Today this farm, Goat Lady Farm, had a free open farm day so me and the Phipps family went to check out this farm that makes awesome cheese.
Lots of tasty goat cheese samples to be had by all:

I was especially excited to see the goats. How can you not think the baby goats are cute?
Check out this kid on the right, showing Kai his true feelings:
This guy was very sweet to me and gave me hand kisses:
kisses from the kid
Kai feeding the goats:
feeding the goats
This guy just makes me laugh:

There was a pond that Angie got to explain to Kai how frogs come to be since there were tagpoles in the pond.

You know whos also a cute kid? Blayze

Cant wait to go back to the farm this Saturday for dinner. Check out the menu:

On the Porch
Creamy Salmon Spread with Dill on Homemade Olive Oil Crackers

Cheese and Wine
Goat Lady Dairy Artisan Cheeses
accompanied by select regional wines

Ginger Sweet Potato with Citrus and Yogurt

Mixed Green Salad with Herbed Goat Milk Dressing

Whey-Fed Pork and Pasture Raised Beef Meatloaf
stuffed with Smoked Goat Cheese and Greens
on Creamy Thyme and Turnip Puree

Fresh Strawberry and Balsamic Napoleons
with Sweet Wonton Skins and Mascarpone Cream

Bon Appetit
Decaf Coffee or Tea served with
GLD Chocolate Goat Cheese Truffles

There are even more photos from our afternoon at the farm if you wish to view them.

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