Today was a normal Tuesday, nice and full at work with a PET scan thrown in the middle. The church I worked at asked if they could pray for me as a staff, and it was such a sweet time. With everyone laying hands on me as I cried listening to their kind, encouraging words as they asked God to heal me. Thankful to work in a place that cares for me so sweetly during this time.

I wasnt allowed to have anything to eat after 6:30am, so I was up at 6am to make sure I wasnt starving when the appointment came. Im pretty tired now, so this post may have more typos than normal. I was prepared going into the PET scan that I would have to basically just sit, not doing anything for about an hour in a dark room. Which if thats the worse that is going to happen, then fine. A very nice tech name Glen took good care of me. Just chatty enough to be friendly and nice to me about requesting a butterfly nettle for the IV. He gave me some contrast fluid to drink, I asked if would have any taste. He said some people said it tasted like well water. When he brought it to me it was nice and cold, which I think helped me (cause I was thirsty and hungry) but it didnt have much of a taste to me. He then took some blood to test that my blood sugar was okay. They test your blood sugar because what they are basically putting in your veins is radioactive sugar (yes, I am radioactive right now, till about 2:30am). After he got my IV dripping he put a nice warm blanket on me and told me to just relax, dont do anything for about an hour.
Photo Mar 26, 12 56 38 PM Meet my friend for the next 45 minutes, IV. Photo Mar 26, 12 56 07 PM Im really done with the sticking of the needles. I hope this is the last of this for a while (I got a port for a reason!)

I had imagination my dark room would actually be, you know, a room and very dark. But I was in a long row of more like cubical type settings with a large lounge chair. So there was a lady a wall over from that I could her interacting with her tech. Since I could see their light (mine was off) and hear them, I wasnt sure why I couldnt read or catch up on emails on my phone since my brain was still processing the light and sound from them. They told me the medicine is very delicate, which is why I couldnt move or simulate my brain much. But it wasnt unbearable at all, had a nice conversation with Jesus about what I was going through. Played some songs in my head to pass the time, familiar songs from Hope Chapel. It didnt feel that long at all, when Glen came back and took me off the IV and told me it was PET scan time.

Photo Mar 26, 12 46 22 PM

The PET scan machine looked very similar to the MRI machine I was in just a few weeks ago (which feels like months ago). This is one of the few doctor visits where I got a test run and didnt have to get into a hospital gown. However, metal was still an issue, even though it wasnt magnets like the MRI. I told the tech that had I known, I would of worn my PJs! This scan I was on my back, where as for the MRI I was on my stomach. And the PET scan did have more space (not much but more) once in the tube, I even opened my eyes after a while and didnt freak out. After I slid out of the machine, I was all done! Just about a two hour start to finish process. My dear friend Melissa took me to the appointment and thankfully had homework to do while she waited for me. Im so glad to have friends willing to go with me to these appointments as Jason works. No appointments on the calendar for tomorrow – get to go to youth group for the few time in two weeks! Looking forward to seeing the students. I havent seen them since the news has started to spread, it will be good to see them and get gentle hugs.

Like I said before, we are meeting with the PA on Thursday, but that is our last appointment of the week. I’ll be getting the house ready for my parents who arrive this Saturday. Really looking forward to having them. My Dad will be here for half a week and my Mom for almost 3 weeks. She should be able to go with me for my first two chemo treatments. We have plans to go get a free wig that was offered to me if I ever feel like using it. We’ll also go to a class about when I loose my hair together that teaches you how to tie scarves, dry on eyebrows and put on eyelashes. No matter how old you are (and I keep being reminded how young I am) its so nice to have your parents close by during scary times. Im thankful for such supportive parents who drop their life to come be with me.

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Did you explain to Glen that it’s absurd that people have still have wells in the 21st century?

March 27, 2013 10:01 am

I thought about it. However, since it wasnt actual well water, I didnt mention it. But it is absurd! But Im a city girl.

March 27, 2013 10:39 am

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