At my lymphedema clinic I got assigned a few appointments of physical therapy. Wasn’t sure what really would detail, but as I shared with friends that I was going to physical therapy they warned me I might come out being a bit sore. Now that doesn’t sound like how I really want to spend my days off. Jason even recommended that I take a spare shirt just in case I worked up a sweat at PT. Thankfully, PT was nothing like anyone thought it would be. For the most of it, it was like getting a massage! A very soft tissue massage, showing me how to move fluid down my arm and into lymph nodes in different parts of my body. I only have to do these massages 2 or 3 days a week, which is nice. After my “massage” session I did about 10 minutes of stretches for my scar tissue that I have where they removed two lymph nodes. While having scar tissue there is very normal, you have to do exercises with it so that wont feel like a pull every time I reach out with my left arm. So far I still dont feel sore from my PT and hopefully come morning that will still be the case.

Today I got a letter in the mail saying I am officially signed up for “Finding Your New Normal” class/support group that my radiation oncologist highly recommended to me. Life after cancer is weird, cause life isnt normal like it was before cancer. But it kinda it as the same time too. So, I thought it would be a good idea for me to at least check out this group. Secretly hope there is someone my age with no children there. Thats where I feel like Im alone in this, most women being older than me or have kids already. Im sure I can learn and listen to women who are not in my life stage too. And tomorrow I take a visit to the cancer center because its a Herceptin day. After tomorrow’s infusion, I only have 4 more herceptin days, which is very exciting. I also get to meet my new doctor’s PA tomorrow. Hopefully she will be just as kind and awesome as my doctor.

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