On the way to surgery, ready to get my port out. Pointing it out for the last time!

I went to the same surgery center as I did for my lumpectomy. Everyone was very nice, asked me all of the many medical questions. I had zero nerves while they prepped me with an IV. I asked a lot of questions about “local anesthesia” because I knew it would be okay but was unsure. They told me I would be taking a little nap, just not as deep as full anesthesia. I was down with that description!

I walked back to the OR with the OR nurse and anesthesia nurse, in my surgery outfit. Red hospital socks, blue cap, hospital gown, and of course giant boxer shorts underneath. The boxers were comical because they are so large. One size fits all sort of a thing.


Once in the OR I was asked to place myself on the table and the anesthesia nurse told me he’d be starting a drug that relaxes my nerves. I told him great, would he tell me when he’d starts the meds for my “nap” and he said he would. The room started to spin a bit from the drug so I told him I was going to close my eyes. I opened them next as they woke me up asking me to move from the OR table to a rolling table. Apparently, I was told later that I asked my surgeon if we were going to start right after they woke me up. I don’t remember asking him that. Wonder what else I said in the OR without knowing it? I remember everything else once leaving the OR, so needless to say I’m a huge fan of local anesthesia. Same effect as full on anesthesia but way easier recovery.

this is how Jason found me when they brought him back to my recovery room. Finally got my snack of goldfish crackers and I’m bundled in blankets because it was SO cold back there

As I waited in recovery, with many foot surgery patients around me, I watched a half hour go by on the clock. I was very alert and aware that most everyone around me was getting a drink and a snack. It seemed to be very busy and a little bit short staffed. My nurse told me she hadn’t forgotten about me. She was impressed with how ready to go I was. Telling you guys, love local.

After laying there with those awesome compressors on your legs to help with circulation that feel like a massage, for what felt like no time at all but it was about 45 minutes according to the clock I walked myself with my nurse close by to the bathroom (the key to being released). I needed no help (last time I totally did) and was ready to go. But I was put in a recovery room and I saw a Sherlock magazine which I quickly took to read as I was just sitting there. Jason came in shortly and we waited for them to remove my IV needle and go over recovery at home instructions.

Now I am home taking it easy even though I feel perfectly fine. One of my students, Allyson, brought me a Guava Gulp smoothie. She is always a lovely person to be around. Had a California roll has my first real food of the day. My head feels a little bit heavy and tired but over all I feel really good. Haven’t needed any pain meds, just keeping the surgery site iced. Felt where my port used to be and there is no bump there! Feels weird to not feel a bump.

The end is officially here. Can’t believe my last surgery is behind me.Thank you for your warm thoughts and prayer for me today. It went so very well, better than I thought.

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