Last time I had a hair update was in February! Heres a collection of photos showing off my hair since then:

March Maddness: Only photo I can find of myself from March, and I remember it being March cause I watched basketball with these lovely ladies. I really really hated my hair during March, maybe thats why there isnt a lot of photos.
(8 months post chemo)

Beginning of April: holding AnnaGrace
(9 months post chemo)

Same day as above photo – got my first real hair cut post chemo. Jon made it look fantasic and I have yet been able to recreate it
(first haircut 9 months post chemo)

Beginning of May (port removal day! 10 months post chemo)

May, very first time I put my hair in a headband! I thought it was so ‘big’
(10 months post chemo)

End of May. The headban became my go-to style since I really dont like the short hair and I semi like it this way. Until Jon told me I cant wear it in a headband everyday otherwise my bangs will grow in a way I wont like.
(10 months post chemo)

End of May, pulled back in a headband and beach wind blown! So curly!
(10 months post chemo)

Only photo from June I can find with my hair NOT in a headband, and its just because we are fresh from getting our hair trimmed and Jon did my hair.
(11 months post chemo)

Beach blow curl in July
(12 months post chemo)

Whew, that is a lot of ME in one place. Slowly, my hair is growing back, not fast enough for me of course. It will take years for it to be the length that was post treatment (and I just had chopped it off to my shoulders then, which I would be happy to have now!). And with it being curly/wavy, its a whole new hair to get used to and know what to do with. With it being curly/wavy it makes it shorter than it actually is, making the hair growth process even longer. Trying to be happy to have hair, but I just really hate how short it is. Thankfully I have sweet friends who constantly tell me how much they like my hair. Its still very soft to the touch too!

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