Whew. 2 months since I have posted. Time flys when your not in treatment. 😉 Also, this time of year is very busy for youth ministry with school starting and Fall Retreat to plan. November has been a little slower, which is nice but also a little strange after such a busy season. Here I am with a hair update since its been since July since I have shown how much it has grown.

(13 months post chemo/August 2014)
Not the greatest photo of the hair, but the only one of my in August and first time I felt like I had “bangs” and wearing my hair in front of my ears for the first time. These photos was taken on Senior Retreat and I wanted to steal that mustard blanket.

(14 months post chemo/September 2014)
This was taking at the start of October. Most of the time I wear my bangs pinned back because to me the bangs are just a little too short for me. Also, having curly/wavy hair, including bangs, I am not very good at styling them so its just easier. Also, that photos is strange, I know. I was buying mannequins arms for Fall Retreat. I love my job.

This photo was taken at my 6 month post treatment follow up at the end of October. My hair looks especially wavy here. (14 months post chemo/October 2014)

(15 months post chemo/November 2014)
This past weekend I had a little landmark of pulling my hair into a tiny ponytail! Nevermind that the top layers are not in it, a ponytail! Felt so nice to pull my hair back. Very soon all of my hair will be able to pull back into a ponytail.

(October 2013 vs October 20140

October of 2013 is when I stopped wearing a scarf, so its been just about a year of hair growth! Its longer than I expected it to be at this point. Im still learning how to style wavy hair. Some days I still hate how short my hair is but I love the curliness that I have gained.

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