Today was the day my surgeon told me the bandage could come off! Yesterday the surgery site kept stinging a bit, which I wondered was my skin pulling at the bandage more than the actual cut. Removing the bandage was no small feat (think a heavy duty clear giant band aid coming off) but I’m happy to have it off!


As you can see, my skin isn’t all too happy with the bandage coming off. This redness is from hours post taking the bandage off too. There are stitches under my skin but the strips are to stay on until they fall off on their own (which is about a week to ten days). They are only a little itchy but not bad at all! I plan on using oil to help heal the scar once the strips fall off. Still very weird to not have a bump there anymore! I am still feeling great and haven’t taken any meds since being home. Always thought I had a low tolerance for pain, but maybe this past year has build that up in me.


Hard to tell from this photo but my hand is super bruised and a bit sore! I know I have tiny veins but the guy who put in my IV (they put it in your hand for surgery to keep the IV tube out of the way as much as possible) told me he’s been doing IVs for 40 years. I told him I had high expectations then. Needless to say, when I watched him (my how far I have come) root around under my skin trying to catch my vein, I knew it wasn’t going to be pretty. Hopefully that’s the last my veins will have to see of needles for a while though!

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