Happy 2011 to you. Ive personally never been very good with resolutions. Only thing that seems to work out for me is a project I plan to do and then share those goals with others. Its not me who really drives those goals, but the community of people, however small, make me compete them. Just the knowing someone out there knows I said I would do something and I don’t want to let them down. I know I wouldn’t really let them down, just myself. However, with this notion in my mind, I believe that’s why my 2010 goal of taking a photo every single day for a year actually happened. I enjoyed doing something every single day, so Im trying that again for 2011 project of writing a thank you note every day. Help me think about people I interact with during my days. People who should be thanked but don’t ever get thanked. Looking forward to seeing where this note writing project takes me.

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