This past weekend was wonderful. It was so fun seeing the students and adult leaders who seemed to be just as excited to see me as I was to see them. The weekend was just a perfect amount of time, I think I would of been really spent if I was away longer. This is my boss’ last trip, which was special to be apart of. Also watching him and my new boss baptize the students together was very neat. I felt a little bit like a food diva since I have to be careful what I eat, even on good white blood cell weeks. Hot foods have to be hot and cold foods have to be cold (no room temperature things unless they always have been) and no buffets. So a few times I had to get my own food or only have a little of the options. Even this far into the process Im not super germ freak like I think I should be. I still washed my hand and sanitized often, but I still have to remind myself to be careful of germs in a way I didnt before all this. It felt a little strange coming in at the end of the trip, but glad to be there just the same. And so many people telling me how happy they were to see me and been praying that I could come, made me me so happy and glad to be there.

I felt great the whole time. Other than my legs were still sore (nothing new) and my ankles kept swelling up. I dont think I was walking around any more than usual, so it was a bit frustrating to have to keep prompting my feet up. At least I wasnt in any discomfort from it. I called my doctor, who didnt seem concerned about my swelling ankles since when I elevate them they do go back down to normal. He said if they were red or hot to touch, then we need to be concerned. However I havent been bothered other than all other than having to have my feet up way more than I would like. I want to be up and about getting ready for chemo week – I will spend more than enough time in bed this upcoming week so being told to prop my feet up would probably normally sound nice, I just dont have time for that. So this Wednesday I will be trying to find something to do to make my ankles stop doing this.

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