Nine years ago they were 12 years old. Weekly we’d get together, sitting on couches talking about boys, school and Jesus. This was before the days of facebook, so over the years we lost touch. This is part of youth ministry, spending time with students and hope any of your care for them takes root someday.

Last night, thanks to the wonders of facebook, two of my girls, who were in the first small group I ever lead, and I reunited. As much as they very much looked like those 12 year old girls I once knew, just a bit more grown up. Beautiful women they had become, catching the eyes of two young men who where now their husbands. These two girls had both gone to bible college, different ones. They both meet their husbands in other countries while going to school. I was happy to see them both so happy and randomly both living on this side of the country, same as me.

When I was in middle school ministry, I came to a realization that Id probably never see, if anything, I said or did soaked into these girls or not. I didn’t think Id get to know them into their college years, let along married years. To be able to reconnect with these two girls after all these years thrills me. I do wonder why these things happen. Believing there is a reason everything happens, whether we get to know what that reason is on this earth or not, I do believe that. All I do know is that I loved seeing these two girls, sharing old stories, learning new ones and missing life in California.

For whatever reason we have suddenly come back into my life, Im thankful to been able to check in my girls who not too long ago where 12 years old. Who were the start of my love of youth ministry.

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