Today is my third chemo treatment and that marks my half way mark for chemo treatment! I only have 3 more after today. As I settled in today I heard the nurses saying they had a bell. If you remember from my first treatment, when you have your last treatment you ring a bell to celebrate. It was a nice reminder that will be me in July, and I will rig that bell loudly.

It was confirmed with my PA today that my runny nose and watery eyes are a side effect the chemo. She reminded me that they have taken my nose hairs (not one of the hairs I have noticed falling out) and so there’s nothing in there to help catch it all. The runny nose and watery eyes are have gone down a lot this week. I will keep using eye drops the PA recommend, and like I told her, if this is the only side effects that linger, I’ll take them.

On the hair side of things, my arm pits and leg hairs have stopped growing but not falling out. My doctor recommended using a cream to remove hair instead of shaving. Mainly because if I nick myself, bacteria can get into they blood stream. On the bright side I won’t have to worry hair removal as much this summer. I still have stubble on my head, which I hope falls out after this round of chemo cause, well, why did I shave it if it isn’t going to fall out. My eyelashes and eyebrows have held on, maybe not disappear all together, would would be great.

I got my appointment for my MRI this upcoming Monday to see what it picks up. In my hopeful mind it will pick up nothing and it will be amazing! Or at least, stick with the plan and confirm a lumpectomy come surgery time. After the MRI, we’ll meet again with my surgeon on Friday (after the MRI). Not sure what he will say halfway, I’m happy to show him how much of the lump is gone (I got another breast exam today with the PA and she said “yep I feel nothing”) and hopefully making his job easy and preserve as much as my breast as possible.

Just woke up from a few hour nap, probably due to waking up 3 times with a very hot face (side effect of the steroids) and the benadryl they gave me during my cocktail today. Feeling really good, normal still even, just a little groggy. Going to youth group tonight, which was the whole idea behind Wednesday treatments, that I’d still feel good enough go in the evenings, and feel better by Sunday. Id really would like for that to start being the plan. Sunday after round 2 it just depended on the hour on how I felt, but thats my hope for this post third round.

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