So far this day has been a good one (and watch I just jinxed myself by blogging that). Last night was the second night that every hour and a half I woke up very hot in the fact from the steroid. Hopefully, with today being the last full day of steroid, (I’ll just take one in the morning) that maybe tonight will be the last night of not the best night of sleep. I thought I would need a nap but I haven’t felt that tired today. Did some light housework but other than that I watched Gilmore Girls while doing some work from home.

Injection this morning was a breeze, I even drove myself to the cancer center. Since the last two times when someone went with me and I felt no different till much later, I felt like I could handle it on my own. I even stopped by Starbucks afterwards and the thrift store. It was nice to go out and be normal day after chemo. I even went to youth group last night and felt great. A little foggy from my nap but not bad at all. Today I have felt just a little weird but nothing bad. Im currently hot in the face (maybe this means one less tonight as I try to sleep) and my dry mouth has started to return but not too bad.

Mom is arriving in just a little over an hour for two weeks. Really glad to have her here, even if side effects have become more manageable. Shes such a comfort to me just being here. Make up for all this long distance living we do. If I feel well these next few days, I have kinda a busy schedule with Senior Sunday and my new boss starting Monday. So lets pray all major side effects are done by Saturday night so Sunday morning isnt something I have to miss. Or at the very least, it would be very nice to be around for my new boss’ first day. Monday is also MRI day so that would be nice to not feel bad for that.

Thank you all again so much for all your love, support and prayers. I certainly feel them and couldn’t be walking through this road without you.

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