Felt much better waking up this morning than I did all day yesterday and I was able to get ready and be at Senior Sunday which I was so glad for a number of reasons. To watch the students who lead worship, who had been practicing so hard for this day, so proud of them. Watching the Senior class to walk across the stage never gets old and listen to them thank people who have influenced them. John preached too which was important for me since its his last before he leaves in June. He also introduced the new high school pastor, who just freshly arrived yesterday from TN. Work-church is a sea of people, which I didn’t realize till I got home overwhelmed me. Normally, I love being with people and talking with them. These past few days its been hard to focus on people, I hear them but to have the energy to carry on a conversation is hard. Once I was home I realized I was really tired from church but wasn’t sure just why. Once I unfocused from conversation or doing anything I felt less worn out, recovered almost.

Took a nap to prepare for having energy for Community Group tonight. The nap was good and I got up to make yummy deviled eggs for the potluck dinner we were having. As I pealed the eggs I had to lean on the sink. I sat down after making the deviled eggs completely worn out. I rested for the hour before I had to leave but never felt like I recovered from standing for that short period of time. Since yesterday didnt go well, I didn’t want to chance it, even though all I wanted to do is see my CG. And the thought of if my white blood cell count is down again, it maybe two weeks before I could go again. Since I felt worn out at all, I stayed home with Mom and the Gilmore Girls. If this round is like round two as far as post days, tomorrow I should be close back to normal. Lets hope for that.

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