My meds, it’s nice I just have to keep up with them every 3 weeks.

Last two nights have not been the best, waking up multiple times in the night to pee (I’m usually a sleep through the night type girl). This is due to being a good patient and drinking my water to flush out the chemo drugs. See where that got me. At 6am this morning to my last wake up pee call, I couldn’t go back go sleep. Around 7am I got my first hot flash from the steroid this round. Most of the morning I’ve had a hot face but Id sorta rather that than hot flashes (especially when I’m trying to sleep).

Since I was up, I went to the cancer center early to get my injection (that helps my white blood cells go up). I also went early in hopes I could make it to a fun summer tradition: playing bingo at Chick Fil A with students and friends. I made it in time and it was such a nice time. I got myself a decaf coffee to help with a side effect I have not shared here (don’t think the internets need to know all about my poor bowels durning chemo weeks). I usually drink tea, so coffee is my after injection buddy. My dry month has started to set in after breakfast too. So I will be sucking on many pieces of candy and drinking lots of water today. But first, a nap.

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