This morning, I woke at 6pm, one of the many times I woke up through the night. I tired to go back to sleep before my alarm went off at 7. By 6:30pm I gave up and checked out my foot/ankle/calf and they were very close to back to normal! I was meeting Watt’s aunt, Liz and our two community groups girls for coffee just to talk with her and pray with her before she went to spend the day at the hospital (another reason I didnt want to spend most of the night in the ER over swollen ankle, I had plans. I know, not a good reason but it totally crossed my mind). I sat with my foot elevated just to help my foot before getting it checked out at the cancer center. One of my new friends heard me mentioned that I wanted some more feminine scarfs (who knew this would be very important to me) and brought me a bunch to choose from. So kind of her to do that for me.

Kari picked me up to take me to the cancer center wearing her purple scarf to match me. I love how people in their own way are showing their support to me. It means so much to me how much so many people are being sensitive or paying attention to my feelings about things. We both got complaints from Kasie, my chemo nurse today. Kasie told me she was excited to me on her schedule today because she kept hearing about “sweet Alisa”. At least I have a good reputation around the chemo room. She also told me the good news that I was in fact getting treatment today, hooray. She checked my foot/ankle/calf that was better still but she had me elevate it just to help it out. She was a great chemo nurse, add her to my list of favorites. I got a window seat today, but other than that the chemo room was pretty uneventful today.

After chemo was over Kari and I walked down the hall to the hospital to get my ultra sound on my leg. Its so great that the cancer center and hospital are next door to one another and the ER is right next to the hospital. Really glad we stayed with doing my treatment in town rather than traveling to Duke. I feel so taken care of here, so close to my house. I have officially had my breasts, heart and leg ultra sound – we are running out of places to ultra sound! The technician did a great job and I asked if she would be telling me if I had a blot clot and she would be. Thankfully there was nothing there for to have to tell me about, hooray!

My nails have gotten dark over the past week. My PA said thats a common side effect but doesnt believe my nails will be falling off. She did suggest to take off my toe nail polish so that my nail beds can breath. And also suggested to soak my nails in a vinegar and water to help keep infections away. So while I spend a lot of time at home these next 5 days I will be tending to my nails. My nails are also growing much slower than normal. So while my hair and nails are the fastest growing cells, my nails seemed to have been pretty normal in growth until now which is nice.

Photo Jun 04, 6 26 06 PM

I thought I would take a nap this afternoon from not having the greatest night sleep last night, but after sitting here blogging, resting I dont feel a great need for a nap before youth group. Thank you all whole have been praying for treatment today. Lets hope these next days ahead post treatment are just like the last two, nothing new would be lovely.

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So glad you didn’t have to delay chemo, and that your foot’s okay! Gilmore Girls is the cure for most things. 🙂 Glad you could make it to the breakfast too.

June 5, 2013 8:59 pm

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