This post might have a bit of too much information in it. But it will be short, but just fair warning. Chemo isn’t fun or pretty so neither is this post today (that sounds dramatic, it isn’t that bad). At this point certain chemo things are normal to me. You know when you eat asparagus and your pee smells till its out of your system? Chemo drugs does that to your pee too. Post chemo days I feel like I have a chemo body odor smell, even after showering. When my eyes water I smell it. I feel like this smell is coming through my pores. My dry mouth doesn’t help in thinking this is untrue, everything just feels off. That’s how my day has been, not super tired but a little. Not total lack of energy but not my usual self (I can’t remember when I truly felt my normal self since chemo started). Just a blah day and that feels early this round.

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