Well, today is weird.

I thought I knew what my post chemo days looked like. Today is usually my toughest day, yet I have had a lot more energy than the last 3 Saturdays post chemo. In between Oliver wanting me to wake up/hot flash, I have slept 11 hours the past two nights. Jason thinks I’m resting more this round, but it still doesn’t add up to me why this day feels so much better (he of course thinks its cause I’ve been drinking a lot of water too).

Since I slept in, I was a bit late taking my Claritin (for my neulasta shot, that rebuilds my white cells, which makes me aches) this morning so my lower back has been off and on with some aches but nothing really worth noting. The let down from the steroid that I’m used to has yet to happen. Which makes me worried things will just be worse than ever tomorrow or the next day. I have heard that sometimes bodies remember the drugs and don’t react just as badly, like hey I remember this, I know how to handle this.

Today I can really grasp the end of chemo days, even though there’s one more round to go.

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