Yesterday I started back on the steroids, even with dosage cut in half (one one in the AM and PM instead of two each time last first round) I woke up at 1am to a hot flash. Thankfully I was able to go back to sleep around 2am and didnt feel too tired this morning thankfully getting ready for my round two of chemo. A lot more hair has come out these past two days. I have a bad habit of playing with my hair during the day, my hair tangles easy, so usually I just run my fingers through my hair to get the tangles out. However, now when I do that I get a nice handful of hair. Heres the past two days:

Photo Apr 24, 1 05 44 PM
Monday and today (Tuesday)
Again, this is the second pile of hair, since a hair in about the same quantity comes out in the shower before this. Some people have said this is the about of hair they lose everyday. However, their hair grows back, mine will not do that after falling out (well not till chemo is over). I lost probably closer to the fist picture I posted, but its the way its coming out is the most realizing of the fact Im loosing my hair. Just comes out in dozens of hairs at a time, where as before it was a hair or two there over the course of getting ready in the morning. Round two of chemo will probably really knock it out, maybe even show the spots of baldness I was worried about from the beginning. I can see why ladies shave their hair early on though, it does get everywhere. I pulled my hair back today to keep myself from touching it (pulling hair out). Again, no one (not even myself or Jason) can tell my hair is falling out by looking at it. I just dont know how much more I can loose before I do start to notice it thinning. Heres me at chemo today:
Photo Apr 24, 12 47 28 PM
Even after getting Benadryl and my cocktail of drugs, I am feeling really good. Not sleepy at all yet but Im going to take a nap here after blogging so that I can have as much energy as possible to maybe go to youth group tonight (if I feel this great Im going cause I really love being there and helps keep a sense of normalcy).

I tired to get a video of them putting in the needle into my port for you all to see how it works and how easy chemo really is on me thanks to the wonders of the port. But apparently only photos are allowed, no video. Im sure some of you are very thankful for that, since pictures and just hearing the medical stuff is too much for you. Funny, before this all began I hated getting needles drawn on me. And not that I enjoy it now but its just part of what I have to do so I just take a deep breath and the needle pain is nothing to me (in compared to the aftermath of chemo).
Photo Apr 24, 12 46 10 PM
This is kinda a terrible photo, but its a close up of the needle in my port. The plastic keeps the IV in place so if I move around I dont pull it out on accident. The yellow piece is the needle, which looks more like a long sewing needle to me (the yellow piece being the foot of the needle). Less scary than a typical thought of needle. And with my awesome numbing cream, I dont feel anything! I feel the needle coming out at the end of chemo but it isnt at all painful.

Photo Apr 24, 12 39 27 PM

A girl I work with told me she is friends with the pharmacist at the cancer center, and so when my nurse today was getting all my drugs ready she asked ‘You know someone in pharmacy?’ to show me that I have been given sweet smiley stickers on my drugs today. It was so kind (thanks Ginna!) of her to do that. Everyone is so nice at the cancer center, making the actual getting of the chemo drugs a breeze. And Emily came with me today (thanks Emily) which we caught up on our lives more than read our books or return emails like we probably both had planned. We meet with the PA and my oncologist before my chemo treatment, who both did a breast exam on me. Last week I told the PA that I can barely feel the lump any more. In which I tired to make a case I did not have to go back to chemo. She smile and said “Go to chemo. We’ll check you next week.” As promised we did and she had not given me a breast exam before but when she was doing hers she said “If I didnt know better, I wouldnt think you had anything.” Then my doctor came in and checked me (who had felt the lump before) and he said “There really isnt much there, thats good! Your right.” And which I told him then great, I dont have to go to chemo and he said “Carry on to chemo.” So its huge to have my personal exam be confirmed by the doctors that the chemo drugs are indeed working like they had hoped! So its nice having such a hopeful thing to go into these next few hard days.

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