Today was Senior Sunday. Which means the Class of 2011 walked up on stage and stood before 2,000 people to hear a charge from their youth pastor as they embark on their new season of life. This is my fourth Senior Sunday, making this class the first one Ive seen through all four years of high school career. When I started, they were Freshmen. We probably shared a lot of the same fears of a huge youth group, not knowing many people and wondering how to fit in. Those four years have really flown by for me. Ive grown along with this class, learning who I am as a paid youth worker. Them learning who they are as young adults and how Jesus sees them. As they stood on that stage, I feel the same as I do every year, very proud. Not that I really did anything but proud to have those kids up front of the church. Just showing a tiny taste of who these students are and how they’ve gotten to this place with a lot of caring from this community of believers. There are kids in this class who drove me crazy but I know I will miss them just the same. There are others who’ve I feel like I just really gotten to know and they soon will be leaving. That’s what this day really does, sinks in this reality that they will be gone soon. Just like every Senior class does, comes along, I get attached then they break my heart by leaving. I should have a giant picture of a roller coaster on my wall in my office because youth ministry has always felt like one to me, all the highs and the lows. Im not sure where Senior Sunday falls in that ride, but its certainly a part of it. Thank you Class of 2011 for being apart of my life these past four years.
It's Senior Sunday!

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