Well, more than usual amount of hair has come off my head this morning. Its not coming off in chunks like I thought it would, which Im glad for that. I for some reason imagined like a chunk coming out and then there would be a bald spot on my head. Instead when I run my fingers through my hair, more that a few strands came out, as in probably more like a couple of dozen. Not enough to get me running to get it shaved off just yet. Id be happy if it stops coming off in that amount, but I know my 1% chance of it not falling out isnt really in my favor. I was telling Jason yesterday that Im okay if I loose my hair. I’ll probably feel very different once it actually happens but I think being at least a little okay going into this helps. I think I thought it would start to happen more after my second chemo treatment, so this feels a little early. As of right now, no one, not even me can tell the difference when looking at my hair, but I do believe loosing my hair has begun.

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