As long as I can remember in our relationship, Jason and I have really enjoyed driving around looking at houses. Of course they are houses we never could afford in our lifetime, but we like looking at them and dreaming. Even taking the flyers for the homes that are for sale, which at times makes us think maybe someday we could afford a house like this. Tonight, we went on our 20 month anniversary of being married date (the 17th is a rather stressful evening for me, being the night before I leave for a 10 day mission trip with 220 high schoolers and adults) and found a very neat house. First reason we thought it was cool was cause of the art in the backyard (please excuse the terrible iPhone photos)

backyard art
See the plane looking art to the right, and a giant pearl necklace on the ground to the left

backyard art
Close up of the “plane” art

backyard art
Close up of the “pearl necklace” art

There was other art than these pieces, but there was no chance of being able to get a photo of those – I could barely get these guys. I started googling the address to find out what the art was all about and found nothing. Once we view enough houses out of our price range, we returned home and I googled once again their address to find out it was designed but a guy named Edward Loewenstein who was from Chicago, but married a gal native to here. He also was the first white architect in North Carolina to hire black architects. He also was an active in Civil Rights movement. He designed the house 1954, which surprised me with the sharp angles (which we love in houses) but the circle garage did show its designed date – but still so very cool.

Still doing some googleing if I can get more information on the art. Is it the people who live there (which is Loewenstein’s daughter and son-in-law, gotta love google)? Was the purchased? Why so over sized? But I was not disappointed with the story behind the house in replace of the absent of the story behind the art.

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Very Cool!! Sad to see that many of his houses have been destroyed. Also find the house with the moat and indoor pool very interesting! Who can say they have a moat?? Much less, a moat and also a pool in their living room!

June 15, 2011 3:22 pm

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