Yesterday afternoon we meet with our surgeon again. Needless to say it was a much better experience than the first time we meet with him. Our surgeon is a very nice guy and we really like him, he just had to tell us a lot of information that was very overwhelming and scary last time. This time when we walked in the door he said how great it was to read my MRI scan. He asked if we had a lot of people praying for us (oh we do doctor). He was pleasantly surprised with how the tumor responded to the chemo drugs and glad the route of doing chemo first really paid off. He also commented how nice to end his day with happy news, Im sure he probably has more appointments like our first one with him than yesterdays.

He told us that since my lymph notes, as the MRI report says, have resolved themselves, he is going to talk with my oncologist to see if he needs to take any lymph notes out. The thing about that is that the lympths notes that were enlarged are ones that would very hard to access, a rib would have to be broken probably to get to it. The ones the usually test are the ones under your arm pit, which are much easier to access. While testing those is good, just to make sure, the way the tumor was spreading wasnt towards my arm pit, it was going the other way. Thats why he is going to connect with my oncologist to see if they as a team think its necessary. Its currently on the books to test to remove a few lymth notes to get tested. Because its easier to cancel part of the surgery than to add it.

What else is officially on the book is a lumpectomy! Which was always the plan in my mind but its still nice have it confirmed. Our surgeon told us that my day will start back at the place that did my biopsy, where they will insert a wire leading down to the clip they had put in during the biopsy (which my surgeon commented, good thing they put a clip in otherwise we wouldnt know where the tumor once was). Then, with the wire sticking out of my breast, I will be drive to the operating room. Thankfully, these places are super close to one another but I did wonder why he couldnt put the wire in. After I get to the OR he will make a little over inch cut into my breast to remove a clean margin cylinder about 2-3 cm in side, and the wire will help guide that and he’ll go around where the clip is (the clip was in the middle of the tumor). Once that cylinder is removed it will get tested. If there is cancer in the middle of it, thats okay and they got it out. If there is cancer on the outer edges then we have to discuss going back in to get more. However, he doesnt seem to think that will be the case. Since there will be a hole in my breast after removing that tissue, he said that will fill in with fluid. That fluid will turn into a gel which will turn into scar tissue. We wont from the outside, be able to tell a difference at all, even the incision scar will not be noticeable once it is done healing (he commented on my port scar, that is a dark purple color right now, will go to flesh color, it technically is still healing). That process of the hole filling it with fluid to gel to scar tissue is perfectly safe and wont need to be removed. So after August 5th (that is my surgery date) the only other surgery I will be having will be to remove my port once I am done with herception in Spring of 2014. The lumpectomy will be an op-patient surgery and recovery will be about 3-5 days.

So it was a nice day with more good news that confirms a lumpectomy with no reconstructive surgery to follow. I know I am very lucky that my cancer responded so well to the chemo drugs and that even with surgery to remove a clean margin, my breast will be persevered well enough to need more surgery. That is so huge and a great way to continue to celebrate this half way mark of chemo.

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