There is this time period between winter and spring that we no longer wear coats but just a sweatshirt for the chill. As a Southern California girl, a sweatshirt was my winter coat. These few weeks, were the days feel like my hometown, I long for full on spring. Maybe I’m trying to not let myself be too reminded of a place I love and miss still, almost 9 years later. Maybe I feel like Winter is trying to stay longer than welcomed. What I do know is that I’m tired of looking at the naked trees and soak in every Bradford pear tree that is starting to blossom. The slower season of Winter is drawing to a close and the business of Spring and Summer are upon me. I hope I don’t wish away these few in between weeks of perfect sweatshirt weather. That I’ll learn to venture out durning the sunny afternoon or learn to take chilly evening walks. Because all too soon the demands of the busy season will be here and it will be too hot out to be out. Welcome Spring, happy first officially day to you.

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