My students have sweetly surprised how sensitive they are to me through all this. Many of them ask how I have been feeling and really do want to know. They always complement me on my scarves. Some even want to see me with a shaved head because they think it probably looks cool. They tell me they pray for me. They remember Wednesdays are my treatment days. People tend to think down on teenagers, and thankfully because of where I have a passion, I haven’t a didnt lens to them. Through this whole season of life with me, they have been nothing but supportive and sensitive to me – more than some adults. Even on those Wednesdays when I am tired, I know when I see their sweet faces my day will be made.

This Saturday the youth group leaves for our yearly mission trip, Project Serve. I have to stay behind because of my cancer. Im really bummed to be missing this trip, because even though this trip can be hard due to lack of sleep and being with 220 people for a week can get to a person, I never wish I didnt go. And this year is my boss’ last one. So next Wednesday, when I get my white blood cell count, if they are up, I will be joining them for the last bit of the trip. Please pray that my white cell count is up. If they are down, pray I accept that, because I will be really bummed if I can not go at all. And for you people who worry, I will be staying at a hotel to avoid the germs. I will listen to my body and not push myself. So go little white cells! Go!

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Praying! I know it means a lot to you and also to them. 🙂

June 17, 2013 9:06 am

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