So guess what. On April 20th I went to my note in my iPhone that keeps track on my daily thank-yous (so its super handy at the end of the month to look back who I have thanked) to discover it was gone. GONE! Needless to say, there was a reason I was typing them down everyday since I can not for the life of me remember all 20 thank you notes I had written. Im not even going to try and remember them, Im just going to press on and present you with the last notes I do have a record of:

20th: Molten Mountain, the putt putt place at the beach that gave us a nice deal.
21st: Lauren Winner, for sharing her writing
22nd: Food Lion near Ocean Isle Beach
23rd: Susan, for going on the beach trip
24th: BJ, for doing second Senior shot. For 5 kids.
25th: Laura, her friendship – been friends since we were 10!
26th: Mighty Leaf Tea Company
27th: Target, for the Archer Farms products they make
28th: Cambre, for speaking at FUSE
29th: Phoenix
30th: Rachel, shes a small group leader of freshmen girls. I should have written her before now.

Heres to hoping to not delete May!

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