1: To the friendly folks in the photo department at Costco that still recognize me from my days of dropping off lots of film.
2: Anna at Guildford Starbucks for being sweet
3: Wendys, for tolerating 20+ high school kids invading them every Wednesday night
4: Sarah, at Emerging Mummy
5: Stacey for the craft she helped me do.
6: Gnam Gnam for doing a Groupon
7: Aunt Susan, for a sweet care package she sent me a while back
8: Sears, good remodel. And making room for Whole Foods
9: Seal lady at the Zoo – answered so many questions.
10: The girls who helped plan and put on fondue night.
11: The ladies who came and cleaned up fondue night.
12: Aunt Diane, for a surprise package.
13: The Dorichs for inviting me to their party.
14: Carol for taking Freshmen photos so I can get to know their names better.
15: Danny for new computer at work.
16: Rite Aid, who had the candy I was craving that evening.
17: Iron hen, for always being fantastic, visited them twice this week.
18: New York Deli, random but awesome find of a small restaurant with good food for the price.
19: Feenzys, for being the best frozen yogurt in town.
20: Danielle, the blogger who introduced me to the yarn wreath
21: The Tasty Kitchen gal who posted apple crisp cause Ive made it twice already.
22: Sandy for hosting a girls night at her house.
23: Beth ordering lunch, always, for staff meetings
24: Students who came early to set up
25: Flickr, being the great idea that it is before its time.
26: Jennifer at Honda for being so nice and not making me feel dumb about car stuff.
27: DJ’s restaurant for some very yummy food.
28: Students for making a promo video for Fall Retreat.
29: Jamie, for writing this post
30: Melissa, for covering my shift.
31: Matt for making the design for the Fall Retreat tshirts.

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